Dr. Drew: CBS managed the Charlie Sheen situation “very well”

Dr. Drew: CBS managed the Charlie Sheen situation “very well”

HLN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky appeared on “Piers Morgan Tonight” to share Charlie Sheen’s latest meltdown. Pinsky talked about feasible methods Sheen could start data recovery, but he additionally talked about just how CBS has managed the specific situation.

“we think they will have navigated this well, as the simple truth is hundreds perhaps 1000s of jobs are influenced by Charlie Sheen’s behavior,” Pinsky told Piers Morgan. “him. because he previously no issues at the job, CBS most likely could not fire”

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Charlie Sheen better together get his act. No one is larger than the organization. He has to understand that. Suzanne Summers and countless other people can aptest to this fact.charlie-sheen-high-on-lifeor-coke.html

Charlie Sheen RULES.

Britney Spears dad should get conservatorship of Charlie Sheen! Might do him good quality!

I believe CBS had no option to their plan of action. We will skip the show. I must say I usually do not think it could carry on without Charlie, nonetheless it most likely had already run its course on being a high ranked sitcom anyways. It really is apparant that Charlies personal life is additionally melting into their working life. (more…)